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Christ’s Legacy Kids

Our kids programs are designed to provide Kids with learning experiences, development opportunities, and thoughtful interaction designed for growing and equipping children in Christ. 
Kids are taught the Word of God, Godly character, and Biblical principles through interactive, high-energy services, and hands-on application.
Children from infants and toddlers through Kids in 5th grade will enjoy age-appropriate curriculum, activities, and events.
Your kids will enjoy many extra activities throughout the year!

Our Commitment to You

  • To seek out those individuals who are committed to serving Christ by ministering to your children.
  • To provide our volunteers with proper training and equipping them in their role as teacher/leaders.
  • To provide adequate facilities, materials, and curriculum and to keep these items in good order.
  • To support each teacher/leader through prayer and by providing adequate supervision and assistance.

We Believe

  • Children are a gift from God and should be handled with love and care.
  • Children are important in the Kingdom of God enough so that Christ died to redeem children from their sin.
  • Christ has called children to follow Him, and children can be equipped to serve Christ and others.
  • Children deserve a safe, positive, nurturing, and age-appropriate learning environment that is free of fear, pressure to “grow up”, or prejudice.
  • Ministry is not just “to” children, but “with” children. We learn from children as we teach them.
  • God has appointed parents as the primary religious instructors of their children and the church’s role is to assist in the cooperative effort of that task.
  • Successful ministry is the shared responsibility of children, ministry staff & volunteers, parents, and the church body.
  • Positive self-esteem promotes both personal growth in a relationship with God.
  • Ministry should be creative, innovative, and in touch with the children and families of our community.
  • Effective teachers are an important component of our ministry.
  • Relational ministry is best served with leaders who serve as positive role models to the child.

Our Goals

  • To provide a safe, secure, loving environment for children to participate in and where parents feel comfortable leaving their child.
  • To help children feel a warm since of belonging to their church family and to insure each child feels welcomed and wanted.
  • For each child to know God is real and that a personal relationship with Him is the reason for life.
  • To aid each child in accepting Jesus Christ and developing a relationship with Him.
  • To help each child develop a lifestyle that is built on his or her relationship with Jesus Christ.
  • To help each child understand that God’s Word is relevant and growth in Bible knowledge results in positive changes in attitude, action and lifestyle.
  • To help the child grow in his /her relationship with other believers and his/her non-churched friends.
  • To provide children the opportunity and direction to participate in ministry.
  • To support the family in their responsibility for the spiritual nurture and growth of their child.
  • To provide godly men and women who will serve as positive role models while they minister with children.
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