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As I understand it, the department is simply called “Prison Ministries”. Though it may seem self-explanatory, to anyone who has never experienced such a ministry it is probably not obvious that participation is essentially whatever they wish to make it. So, I would  describe it as

(a.) Getting brief and appropriate training by the Department of Corrections staff or volunteers, and then

(b.) Visiting an evolving group of inmates at the Lexington Assessment & Reception Center (LARC) east of Lexington, Oklahoma, for an hour and a half on the fourth Sunday evening of each month.

(c.) Participating – in any way that suits them in a fairly standard worship service, which ends with a bible study, after their participation is arranged by the Departmente Head and approved by the Warden, and

(d.) Interacting with inmates in any Oklahoma prison (outside of LARC) in any way which suits them, after it is arranged by me, and

(e.) Interacting with inmate’s families in any way which suits them, after it is arranged by me. -Scheduled meeting times  – see above (4th Sunday evening of each month) 

Dan Holloway, Prison Ministries Director


1.  Can we bring friends? Yes, definitely – but they have to first be approved – after an OSBI check – by the Warden days in advance of joining the ministry team (if coming for a particular service).